Measuring equipment

H 800-100 H 800-50 H 800-25 H 800-10 Model C119100 C118100 C117100 C116100 Item 100 ton 50 ton 25 ton 10 ton Max trust 500 /min 800 /min 1000 / min 1400 / min Strokes per minute 0 ÷ 6 mm 0 ÷ 4 mm 0 ÷ 4 mm 0 ÷ 2 mm Working stroke 11 kW… more

Solar water pump systems

The company provides high quality solar pumps from submersible and surface pumps from Italian companies designed to pump the largest amount of water. These pumps are typically used in irrigation and drink water projects in an economical way without using diesel or electricity. These highly efficient pumps can achieve flow rates of up to 900 l /… more

Experience the cultivation of tomatoes in the area of Qutay in Hodeidah

Visit of sales supervisor to one of tomatoes farms – Hodeidah – Qutay.

Experiment of cultivating tomatoes seedlings for an item of Yanai Su Shuruq

Experiment of cultivating tomatoes seedlings for an item of Yanai Su Shuruq Altemaz (under experiment ).

Agricultural experiment in Lahj Governorate for melon seeds

A visit to Lahj province for the experiment of cultivating melon seed affiliated to Top Harvest Company, photos from a farm in the area.

The staff conducted a trip to the corporation’s farm

Al-Hadha Corporation for Trading and Agencies organized the annual trip of its employees to the company’s farm located in Al-Jar area in Hajjah governorate and lasted for three days from 19-21 / 3/2014.

Seminar of tomato tunnel maker

Under the patronage of H.E- The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Dr. Ali Mujawar, in cooperation with the Spanish company Greenevers, Al-Hadha Trading and Agencies organized a session on the manufacture of tomato tunnels and the use of pheromones technique in catching tomato at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation on 24/9/2013.