About Us

About the Corporation

1- Commercial field and tenders:

Tenders and major power projects (turnkey) for the electricity, energy and telecommunications sector in Yemen, which include: 

  • Supply of turbines and generators
  • Spare parts for electricity stations
  • Wooden poles
  • Electrical cables and integrated switching stations
  • Power transformers, wind and solar energy generation systems

Import and export activities include:

  • Import of electrical materials (through tenders)
  • Import of sulfur
  • Safety materials
  • All kinds of cables
  • Light food
  • Import of agricultural production inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and veterinary products, irrigation equipment and supplies (manual and electrical sprayers) and public health pesticides)
  • Spraying and infusion equipment (eg blower pumps) to control agricultural pests and disease vector

Export activities include:

  • Export of agricultural products


2 – Agricultural and industrial investment Field

Mango production, dates, animal production.

Agriculture Sector:
 The agricultural sector is managed by highly skilled cadres where commercial, technical and investment activities are carried out in the field of agriculture as well as public health related to the control of disease-carrying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and stray dogs.

The corporation also contributes, through the agricultural section, in agricultural development through investment in agricultural production in crop, livestock and export.

Main fields:

1. Agricultural inputs trade:
Providing the local market with agricultural production inputs , as our company represents several international companies specialized in producing pesticides , chemical and natural fertilizers, ordinary and hybrid seeds and fruit seedlings.

2- Irrigation materials and equipment:
Provide Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and international donors with modern irrigation materials and equipment through special tenders and orders.

3. Public health and vector control:
Our corporation is a pioneer in this field. It supplies the local market and the competent governmental bodies ( such as malaria control authority, cleaning and improvement funds in the countrywide) with public health pesticides used in the control of insect vectors (flies and mosquitoes) , high quality spraying equipment produced by international companies approved WHO.

4 – Agricultural Investment and Export:
This includes mango fruit production from our own farms which produce the best kinds of mangos , we also have capacities to export the agricultural products to the neighboring markets.

5- Solar Energy Field
In 2013, the solar energy branch was established. This field was paid attention in order to serve this generous country and in keeping with the state’s tendency to use alternative energy, which is also a global trend, where the great commercial experience of the corporation combined with scientific expertise in this field.

6- Promising projects (under study):
– Fertilizers and pesticides factory