Solar water pump systems

The company provides high quality solar pumps from submersible and surface pumps from Italian companies designed to pump the largest amount of water. These pumps are typically used in irrigation and drink water projects in an economical way without using diesel or electricity.

These highly efficient pumps can achieve flow rates of up to 900 l / min and pumping from depths of 180 m. Each system is composed of pump, motor and control unit and keeps electronic devices above ground, which makes maintenance process easier.


  • High power efficiency due to lack of battery usage and low maintenance cost.
- The solar panels are 25 years and therefore pumping free water for a period not exceed 20 years.
  • The running efficiency of solar water pump is 30%; high efficiency for diesel pumps.
  • The pump uses electricity generated by solar panels directly without a battery and thus a more reliable system, it also operates automatically after sunrise.
  • Designed for use in remote areas and extreme conditions.
  • A very profitable return on investment for diesel pumps, which reduces the costs of water – production and environmental pollution prevention.
  • Intelligent design of the unit, which helps to perform maintenance and repair in a simple and low cost.
  • Engines immersed in water to achieve reliability and avoid pollution.
- Easy and simple installation.
  • Low cost spare parts.


  • Materials used in design and structure are of high quality and corrosion resistant.
  • Direct solar feed with AC feeder options.
  • The data recording unit is integrated into the control unit.
  • With MONO mechanical resistance as well as POLY type with high efficiency.