Solar Energy

In 2013, the solar energy branch was established. This field was paid attention in order to serve this generous country and in keeping with the state’s tendency to use alternative energy, which is also a global trend, where the great commercial experience of the corporation combined with scientific expertise in this field.

Our mission is to move towards alternative and renewable energy to preserve the wealth of the country and the main source of income, namely oil, in order to secure the future of generations while preserving the environment. In the next three years, we hope to be one of the largest corporations specialized in alternative energy, specially solar energy with spreading branched all over the country to access all areas of Yemen with stead will to achieve this goal.

Our company is an authorized distributor in Yemen with SAER Italian Company for solar pumps. We have solar powered pumps, and with public electricity in the evenings or diesel generator with engine capacity from 2.2 to 75 kW. Installation speed is done within a period that does not exceed more than three weeks from the contract signature schedule.

We have a specialized national team of electrical engineers, mechanics as well as technicians in the field of well water pumping, and provide after-sales service and spare parts.